time for a break

when classes were finished for the semester, we were tired of sitting around in our residence (which to be honest was a little constricting after a while….), so we planned a trip about three hours out of the city to a place on the coast called port elliot. it was cold but sunny, and since it was the off season it was empty. we spent three days wandering around and taking pictures, relaxing by the fire in the hostel, and eating cheap steak dinners at the local bar. definitely helped us to relax!

sara’s 21st. at the races! don’t we look pretty? :)

sara’s twenty-first birthday

we celebrated her birthday by going to the horse races in our fancy dresses and drinking champagne! we had a great time, and we got to see black caviar (very famous racehorse) race. she won, of course. we stayed all day and had mcdonalds (typical) for supper. probably one of my favourite days of my whole six months in australia…

cape tribulation, in the daintree. very cloudy that day, but still a beautiful beach. no swimming though! unless you like crocs…

while we were staying in the daintree, we walked down the road to a the head of a trail, and walked through what felt like unexplored rainforest to a pool of water in the midst of a river. the crocodiles (common in this area!!) couldn’t get to this portion because it was protected by boulders through which the water seeped on each side (up and downstream). there was a rope swing into the water, but you had to watch you missed the rocks on the bottom! talk about a little bit of paradise… :)


cairns is a small place. we could walk from our accommodation to the waterfront in a matter of minutes, though there was never a guarantee that you’d want to, seeing as it was what felt like forty degrees celsius every day. there were barely clouds, and the sun was unbelievably strong. it rained towards the end of our trip, but it did nothing to damper our spirits. cairns is probably in my top three favourite places i’ve visited so far. what with the daintree rainforest (which is gorgeous) and the great barrier reef (top three in things i’ve done in my life), it is seriously one of the most impressive and amazing natural places to be.

ski camp!

learning to surf

i learned how to surf on a group trip to goolwa beach, which is i think two hours from adelaide. surfing itself wasn’t that hard - i can stand up on the board and stay up for a short period. but that day the waves were 5 feet tall and i could barely stand up in the sand when the water was at my waist, let alone deeper. a friend and i ended up leaving our boards on the beach and playing in the shallow water because the strength of the waves and currents anywhere deeper than that was really quite scary. it was lots of fun overall though! i’d like to try surfing another day, when the waves aren’t ridiculously big…

goolwa beach

new friends!

future music festival (a music event where around 20 artists came to perform) is where i really bonded with two girls from the village (where i live). sara (the blond) is from scotland, and katie (the brunette) is from england. they’re both on exchange for a year. ever since we met we’ve been pretty much inseparable… you’ll be seeing tons more photos of the three of us together!