queenstown, new zealand. queenstown was definitely my favourite city in new zealand! it’s small and homey but has tons of exciting things to do including skydiving and hang-gliding.

bay of islands

some random photos from bay of islands. if i ever get the chance, i’ll definitely come back here. it was so beautiful and, regardless of it being a very small town, seemed to have enough to keep us occupied for a few days. wish i could have stayed longer than a night!

us at bay of islands!

somewhere along a wine tour…

that last photoset was taken from (as you can tell) the top of a cliff. i can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called, but it’s just outside auckland, and we were taken there by our awesome wine tour guide, phil! apparently it’s a really popular place for surfers… :)


rangitoto island

the previous photoset:

rangitoto island is an island off the coast of auckland. it’s about a 20 minute ferry ride (which is freezing!), and is a completely environmentally-protected volcanic island. people go there to hike up to the top, where there are caves (apparently - we didn’t make it up there), and to hike one or two of the many other trails around the island. trails take as little as five minutes and as long as two hours to complete.

the island was so beautiful! the green plants looked amazing against the background of jet black soil (from the volcano), and there were awesome views of both auckland and the surrounding smaller islands.

it was definitely well worth a visit :)


hey everyone!

after overcoming some problems with my internet i’m slowly going to start posting photos from new zealand. i’ll put text posts after most of them so you can all figure out whatever it is i’m posting! :)

the four pictures i just posted are some crazy trees that we saw in new zealand - their trees are completely different from anything i’ve ever seen; they get really big and are so impressive!

some sick trees from auckland, new zealand!